What's Missing in Your Next's Years' Budget?

Budgeting fo next year?

CEO's and owners are willing to spend $10k to $25k, sometimes more on sales training if they think it will help their sales team reach the quota by the end of the year. But how likely are sales leaders willing to invest time, resources, and energy, on improving themselves?

The answer, slim to none. At Pivotal, we believe in personal development, especially for sales leaders, as a sales leader probably has the most impact on their team’s performance.

Sales Team Training

So as the annual budgeting season is well underway, many people can overlook a key line item of the budget - personal development for the sales leader. What are your sales leaders doing to improve their skills, learn new things, and gain exposure to something that will help them get to the next level?

Sales leaders often look to invest in their team's training and development and can often overlook their own. Lack of time is a common excuse or not thinking there is money in the budget for them.

Return on your Investment

CEO's and business owners who invest in their sales leaders see a higher return on their investment. Take a look at real Pivotal client success examples:

Company A
10:1 return on their investment over 3 years
Company B
50:1 return on their investment over 2 years
Company C
75:1 return on their investment for a 2 ½ years and counting…

These are just three of the hundreds of clients Pivotal has worked with that have significantly increased their income all by investing a little money into the personal development of their sales leaders to help them implement key systems and processes that can make them more effective and to up their own leadership skills.

Improve Where?

Now, what areas would you like to see improvement in this coming year?

  • Coaching and developing your team
  • Developing strategies and initiatives
  • Sales planning and execution
  • Creating and implementing a Sales Process
  • Compensation philosophy and plans
  • Hiring the right people for your organization

One way for sales leaders to gain that personal development is to join the Pivotal Peak Alliance. By using the Sales Performance Factors, which builds on itself to create a connective approach to sales growth, which in turn makes your organization scalable, predictable, and profitable.

How to Invest in your Sales Leader

Within these diverse topics, there are a variety of ways for you or your sales leader to learn:

  • Attend events – learning events, peer group events, community events
  • Interactive Online courses – including tools and resources
  • Toolbox – tools, and resources to customize for your organization
  • Pivotal Coach – access to a Pivotal consultant to help you implement your learnings
  • Peak LinkedIn group – ask the group questions and receive new content

The reason that the Pivotal Peak Alliance works is that Pivotal collaborates with your sales leader to help their teams to not only implement things that can help you grow, but also drive adoption so behaviors become a habit. The sales leader can customize the tools, strategies, and techniques.

The Results

Unlike one-off sales training programs, Pivotal sticks around to guarantee retention and adoption by all.  So while you're budgeting for next year, keep in mind that sales leaders need to work on personal development too. Because when they do put time and energy into investing in themselves, that will flow down in their team(s). It makes the team stronger, more adept, and more likely to reach their goals and expectations.

Enhance your leadership skills and proactively build your legacy.

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