Dynamic Crossroads Of Sales And Leadership

There are several essential components to having a successful organization. Effective leadership is one of the primary drivers for growth, development, and innovation. The best organizations invest in their leaders and give them the resources, processes, and systems needed to help them thrive. The Sales Operating System™ is a crossroads of leadership and process that is dynamic and, when leveraged, provides a competitive advantage.

The Backbone of your Sales Organization

The core of your sales organization is your Sales Operating System®. The Sales Operating System® is designed to build, develop, and empower leaders with the proven framework, tools, processes, knowledge, and professional development they need to scale their business.

A Sales Operating System® allows you to grow sales proactively, identify what changes need to be made, and fine-tune your organization accordingly.

Sales Operating System® Driver

What ultimately drives your Sales Operating System®? That would be the leadership responsible for your revenue growth, including the owner/CEO and your sales leader. There are seven total components, or factors – including the Sales Performance Factors – that build a healthy sales organization.

The first factor is Leadership, which drives the other six factors. Each factor builds on itself to create a connective approach to sales growth, making your organization scalable, predictable, and profitable.

Main Sales operating system 

The six factors are:

  • Growth Strategy
  • People
  • Process
  • Measurement
  • Reward
  • Execution

These factors are segmented into 24 subfactors including: Initiatives, Selection, Sales Process, Activities, Compensation, Coaching and Feedback, and many more.

No Sales Performance Factors?

It doesn’t matter how talented your sales team or sales leader is, or even how hard you work. Without a roadmap for success, it will be a lot more difficult for your sales organization to succeed.

What happens when you don’t have Sales Performance Factors in place?

  • If you don’t have a process in place, you can’t grow, scale, or repeat it.
  • When you don’t have a structure, your team will not be aligned.
  • If you don’t have accountability, it is challenging to get the right things done well.
  • When you don’t measure the right metrics, you won’t know where to adjust or what key business decisions to make.

It is critical to have this ‘block and tackle’ execution strategy. However, if you don’t have the first factor, a strong Leadership, it will be extremely challenging to grow.

Leadership in the Workplace

In the Sales Operating System®, good leadership is the pillar of strength for any organization. Leadership is crucial for any organization to maximize efficiency and reach its goals. There are different roles that leaders have.

  • Creators – own the results and set the goals
  • Translators – own the plan, develop the initiatives and detailed plan/budget, and put the pieces in place to run it
  • Executors – own the execution and follow the plan/budget

Chances are your sales leader’s role falls into more than one category. They are tasked with a lot of responsibilities that most sales leaders are not equipped to do well. It is not an easy job and requires a lot of leadership qualities to be successful. Having a personal development plan for your sales leader is imperative to coach, motivate, grow and help them reach their full potential.

The Results

Achieving consistent, sustainable revenue growth is a fundamental goal for your company, right? To do that, you need a Sales Operating System® in place, along with the right sales leader who can drive all the areas of your Sales Performance Factors. If this is done well, you will have a world-class sales organization.

Is your sales organization world-class and providing you a strong competitive advantage? If you would like to explore these seven areas, please reach out to us.

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