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How A Golf League Launched Both A Hole In One And A Sales Consulting Firm

Thursday night on the golf course, Gary, as usual, showed up late to the game. He would often scramble to the first tee, slice it out of bounds, then shank one in the woods. Gary would spend the next three to four holes complaining about work and how crazy his job was.

Mike, having been through a similar situation with his company, could easily relate to how stressed Gary was. However, by putting in place both structure and processes, Mike was able to gain control of his predicament and scale his company to new heights. Gary listened reluctantly to his brother as Mike shared with him how the changes he made helped him. But even more so it made Mike’s life more comfortable and made it so that he wasn’t running around with his hair on fire any longer.

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These talks became the trend for Gary and Mike on the golf course. Each week during golf, Mike would coach Gary on how to implement practical structure processes and proactive systems.

Between swings and talks, Gary became more intentional about tracking progress against goals, which helped him spot trends and his own coaching opportunities. He started to see the power and impact of coaching people versus “telling” people. Gary made the fundamental shift from directing people’s actions to focusing on making his team better.

Fast forward to the year 2008, the market is crashing, and the consulting firm Mike was working for was in the process of transitioning. As he was sitting with his brother Gary, he turns to him and says, “We always said we wanted to start a business together, and if we were ever going to do it, now is the time.” Half joking more than half serious they both started to contemplate how their actions with coaching and managing sales received more than ideal results.

Both Mike and Gary got together to talk about business. They realized they had just concluded the concepts for which they called the “Sales Performance Factors.” They knew they were onto something huge thus, later that year with smiles on their faces and those performance factors Pivotal Advisors the sales consulting firm was born!

Taking and adapting those whiteboard concepts, Pivotal Advisors helps to build other companies’ sales so they can achieve their next level of growth.

These Sales Performance Factors include:

  • Growth Strategy
  • People
  • Process
  • Measurement
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Execution

In the year 2009, 17 brave clients heard about Pivotal Advisors and chose to step up to the plate. They decided well – their sales flourished. In 2010, Pivotal Advisors doubled their revenue and officially established that these concepts work. Today, they have worked with hundreds of sales leaders and teams to replicate their success. In fact, some of those same companies from 2008 and 2009 are still ongoing clients.

Even, after all these years, Gary often wonders if Mike’s ulterior motive for coaching him was to take the stress off him so he would golf better and show up on time.

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