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At Pivotal Advisors, our most valuable resource is our people – with a wide variety of backgrounds, ideas, opinions, and life experiences. We hire smart, creative, passionate professionals who are always learning and teaching. Our culture is one that encourages, supports, and celebrates our diversity and looks to expand and build it constantly. Join us!
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The Pivotal Culture

Supports a philosophy of transparency so that every team member feels they know where they stand, where the company is headed, and in general they feel “in the loop.”
Makes recognizing performances a priority and announces to everyone the value its employees bring.
The leaders of Pivotal are transparent, accessible, honest, and authentic, who make themselves available to you.
Pivotal Advisors’ positive company culture has values that every employee knows by heart. These values and this mission are accessible and branded into all the company’s internal and external communications.

Core Values

Meet and respect the client where they are

Meeting someone where they are means putting aside our wants for them, whether those wants are in service to them or not, and endeavoring to understand where they are in their journey. It begins by listening without judgment, asking questions openly and honestly, and above all recognizing that they are human.

We treat our clients as if it’s our own company

By being open, direct, and honest with our clients we build the same sense of authenticity and transparency as we would in your communications with our own company. This type of interaction builds loyalty and shows our clients that we care and appreciate them.

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