Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do work with CRM systems?

Quite often, actually. We are not the implementors of CRM systems, but we do help you leverage what you have by creating the right reports and forecasts that give you data you can manage from.

Do you help with sales incentives or compensation plans?

Yes! Compensation that is aligned with your company strategy is key to driving the right behaviors. We help design, model, test, and roll-out plans with your team.

Do you recruit salespeople or sales leaders?

We don’t directly source sales leaders or salespeople. As part of our engagements, we do help with defining the roles, developing the interview process, participate in interviews, make hiring recommendations, develop compensation plans, and even create comprehensive onboarding plans.  If you want more information call us at 952-226-3381 or email us at info@pivotaladvisors.com.

Do you help companies that use EOS?

Yes, are big supporters of EOS companies and are well versed in how they function. Check out our blog on sales team adoption of EOS.

Do you work with Private Equity, Family offices or VC backed companies?

Yes, we do. We have helped PE and VC firms assess potential acquisitions and make improvements in those organizations after their investment.  We have worked with several family-run businesses where we work hard to balance family dynamics with best business practices.

What sized sales team do I have to have?

This varies based on your level of need. We have worked with companies who’ve had one salesperson to 100+ salespeople.

What sized companies do you work with?

Generally, we work mostly with small to mid-sized companies. Though we have worked with businesses of all sizes.

Do you work with national companies?

Yes, we do. We have clients located all over the country, even out in Alaska. We also have clients in Canada.

What is SPF?

Those are our Sales Performance Factors. We believe that a healthy sales organization has all six of these factors working in a connective approach to sales growth, which in turn makes your organization scalable, predictable, and profitable. Read more about them here.

What is the cost?

The cost is based on which offering matches your needs best. This can vary greatly. Please reach out if you want more information. Give us a call at 952-226-3381 or email at info@pivotaladvisors.com.

I’m interested but not ready to commit do you offer a demo or example?

Yes, we do. We have recordings you can watch, and if you want an in-person look, you can come to one of our interactive leadership events where you get together quarterly with your community and learn about specific tools and resources you can use to become a better leader. These meetings include topics like sales process, growth strategy, compensation, and many more. Want a more personal approach? Contact us to book a 1-hour free consultation.

How can you know enough about our industry to help?

The short answer is we don’t need to know everything about your industry to help you.  Yes, we do take the time to learn about your company, industry, products, and competition. But, our role is not to be an expert. Our purpose is to draw that knowledge out of you and help you define best practices and standards. Then we help you execute and drive adoption.

Do you offer virtual events?

Yes, we do. With the uptick of social distancing, we jumped on a virtual wagon. Come check out one of our quarterly interactive leadership events.

What is a Peak Event?

Peak events are held monthly as part of our PPA membership aimed towards sales leaders (and sometimes executives) and are designed for learning together to discover new ways to approach sales growth. These meetings include helpful tips you can use right away with your sales organization.

What does a sales management consultant do?

Our sales management consultants help you implement proven systems, processes, and structures. They will help you make critical changes to your approach that allow your sales organization to scale and grow more effectively. We actually wrote a whole blog about it, read it here.

What is a sales management consultant?

Sales management consultants are most often invited into organizations when growth has plateaued and the company wants to reach a new level of results faster. We wrote a blog about it; read it here.

Do you offer sales training?

Yes, we do! We offer different levels of sales training, depending on your overall level of engagement. We have larger sales team group training but also offer customized group training as well. If you want more information, you can call us at 952-226-3381 or email info@pivotaladvisors.com.

What is Pivotal Peak Alliance?

This is our sales leader development level. It’s a company membership is designed for sales leaders and executives who want to connect, learn, apply, evolve, apply best practices, and improve their capabilities. Read more here.

What services do you offer?

We currently have four levels of engagement:

A membership-based community of sales leaders known as the Pivotal Peak Alliance, which gives members access to tools, best practices online learning, and a coach. Read more here.

A customized and personal approach to helping you implement proven systems, processes, and structures known as the Sales Advisory Program. Read more here.

Fractional Sales Management where we act as your outsourced VP of Sales. Read more here.

Where are you located?

20 minutes Southwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota in Prior Lake Minnesota.

What is Pivotal Advisors?

We are a Sales Management Consulting Firm aimed at building healthy sales organizations that grow profitably, predictably, and consistently.

Enhance your leadership skills and proactively build your legacy.

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