Why There Is Always Room For Improvement

Your company is thriving, your leadership team is bringing you good news, and you've heard that you're the "buyer's choice" of all good things, but it isn't the time to sit back. While you are at this peak, it's time to look for your next area of improvement.

Is the Sales Leader Honeymoon Over?

As a business owner, you've likely experienced the excitement and anticipation that comes with hiring a new Sales Leader. You've put in the time, energy, and resources to find the […]

Managing Up, Down, and Across

Updated February 2023 I have met hundreds of sales leaders in my career who have a decent approach to managing their teams. I have also seen many of these people […]

Accountability - What Does It Really Look Like?

It's not enough to have great talent on your sales team. Even if your salespeople have excellent selling skills, real success comes when everyone is aligned with the goals and expectations set by the sales leader while also being motivated and held accountable. So, what does it mean for a salesperson to be accountable? For this article, let's say accountability is defined as; being held responsible for doing the things that are expected of you.

Improve Your Sales Discovery Calls

No matter how long you have been selling, whether it's five years, ten years, or 25 years there is one step that can continuously be improved in your sales process, which will increase your chances of winning – Discovery. There is a distinction between good discovery and great discovery. Find out which you tend to do and how you can uncover more in your discovery calls.

Improving Sales Communication with Your Team

Sales runs on relationships and communication. From the opening pitch to closing a deal, your sales team needs to communicate with their customers. What about with you or the team? Do you find it frustrating that your sales team is not speaking up during your meetings? Here are some ways to get your team engaged in meetings.

Do Sales People Still Know How To Prospect?

To be a successful salesperson, you need to know how to prospect. But with the ever-changing landscape of sales, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest […]

Why Do Companies Struggle With Finding Good Salespeople?

What is your success rate in finding good salespeople who meet goals and stick around for more than 2-3 years? The most common answer is about one out of every […]

Improper Onboarding | Top Factors That Stop Sales Growth

Updated: November 2022 Hiring and training a new salesperson is costly. From the day they start, they are instantly a negative cash flow to you until they start producing. So, […]

5 Ways Sales Leaders Can Support Your Organization

Organizational improvements are an ongoing process, and each organization has its own specific needs. Sales leaders have a direct impact on the CEO and the organization. Here are five ways […]

The Challenges Of A Family Business

The family business has many benefits, including long-term stability, strong communication, trust, loyalty, and a shared vision. But, like any company or organization, a family business can have some challenges. […]

Ask/Do/Tell Authority Setting

The Ask/Do/Tell model is a tool designed with specific activities and goals for new salespeople to establish their level their authority with certain activities early on.With the tool, determine when […]

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