Hiring the Right Salesperson - Part 3: Sales Is a Contact Sport

Sales is a contact sport! While I don’t use many sports analogies, I think this one is appropriate. The NFL Draft just concluded and I continue to be amazed by […]

Hiring the Right Salesperson - Part 2: The Selection Process

In my last post, I discussed the importance of identifying the type of seller who will succeed with your products or services. The next step is in the art of […]

Hiring The Right Salesperson - Part 1

Knowing Your Red Box Throughout the year many sales leaders are working hard to fill open positions. While the goal is simple enough — to improve coverage and drive growth […]

Your Practical Sales Plan Is More Important Than You Think

Focus on the importance of sales plans. Many salespeople are quick to laugh off the idea. To a great many, sales plans are a mere formality used by organizations at the start of the year to provide forecast data to C-level executives. Once those forecasts are adjusted to acceptable levels, what happens to the sales plans? Typically, the plans are filed away only to be glanced at quarterly, biannually, or never again. Here are four advantages of having a practical sales plan.

Sales Management: Win More Time to Win More Wins

Early this April, Pivotal Advisors partnered with The Sales Management Association to host a Webinar to give sales managers specific insight into how they can win more time for strategic, team- and sales-cultivating work. Titled “Visibility for the CEO, Sanity for the Sales Manager,” the Webinar was an opportunity for us to share proven best practices in managing up. However, because leisurely moments are so rare for sales managers, we have summarized in this blog, the three best practices in managing up discussed in the Webinar.

Bob Is A Great Salesperson - Too Bad His Title Is Sales Leader

Does this sound familiar? Six months ago, you promoted "Bob," an outstanding salesperson who has excellent skills and the respect of the sales team to sales leader. Today, Bob is busier than ever — on calls with the other salespeople, helping to close their deals. The new salesperson hired to replace Bob is struggling, generating less revenue than Bob did in his former role.

Follow the Leaders to Sales Training Success

You may think a successful start to sales training begins with a room full of eager, well-prepped trainees. It might be a good start for the trainer, but a successful sales training program must start with an entirely different audience: the sales leader. 

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