How To Help Your First-Time Salespeople

Anyone can be a salesperson, right? When most people think of salespeople, they often think of someone who is funny, energetic, charismatic, money-driven, and relentless. But that's not always the case. Here is how you can help your first-time salespeople be successful.

Are You On A Managerial Walk Or Leadership Journey?

You've probably heard that leadership is a journey, not a destination, right? While some people excel at it and become great leaders, others simply don't. They become the forgotten leaders or the ones who were "just there." It all begins with either a walk or a journey. Do you know if you're on a managerial walk or leadership journey?

Is Your Leadership Goal Leaving You Feeling Empty?

Have you ever set a goal, reached it, then felt unfulfilled or empty afterward? Well, that's the difference between a leadership goal and a leadership vision. Which one do you have?

How to Effectively Hire for your Sales Team

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5 Questions Effective Leaders Ask

Generally, leaders are supposed to be the ones with all the answers. But you probably know that the best leaders have as many questions as answers. So here are five questions effective leaders ask themselves. If you aren’t asking these questions, maybe you should be.

Beating Last Year’s Goal - But Still Failing

Question: If last year’s revenue was 10 million, and the sales team is on track to end this year at 11.5 million, but the determined goal was 13 million, is the sales team doing well? They are beating last year's goal so that must be good right? The answer depends on a few things.

Why There Is Always Room For Improvement

Your company is thriving, your leadership team is bringing you good news, and you've heard that you're the "buyer's choice" of all good things, but it isn't the time to sit back. While you are at this peak, it's time to look for your next area of improvement.

The Three Silent Killers Of Your Sales Organization

Did you know there are three silent killers that could be in your sales organization that can absolutely ruin productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and your results? If there aren't processes in place to deal with these obstacles, they could negatively change your sales team's trajectory. Read what the three silent killers are and how to avoid them.

September Roundup: Sales Leader Edition

Whether you are a first-time sales leader or a seasoned leader starting with a new team, there are challenges. We asked two sales leaders what advice they wish they could have given themselves back then and would give to any new sales leader now.

When You Are Promoted To Sales Leader

Congratulations on the promotion! You were a stellar salesperson meeting deadlines, closing deals, landing big accounts, so your company promoted you to sales leader in hopes your charms would rub off on your team. But the role isn’t as easy as you thought. Here are five things for you to know when you are promoted to sales leader.

What's Your Strategic Plan For The Future?

As a CEO, your days can be overwhelming when packed full of daily meetings, tasks, and the immediate needs of your business. The significant shifts from the pandemic caused us to look at shorter increments of time and make adjustments quickly. Our sense of time has changed. Now it's time to think bigger than the day-to-day and focus more on your company's vision for the future and your strategic plan.

What Is Successful Sales Culture?

When asked “what makes a successful sales organization” the most common response is “they sell a lot”. Yes, they need to sell a lot and hit their goals. But how do they do that? A key part of a successful, or healthy, sales organization is that they have a strong sales culture. Here is how to create a successful sales culture.

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