Leadership Qualities That Inspire Growth

A good leader impresses you with their capacity. On the other hand, a great leader can impress you by helping you better see who you are. They make you feel good about yourself and help you realize the possibility within you. Successful leaders demonstrate five leadership qualities in their personal and professional lives, inspiring others to act and set a course for future success.

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When A Salesperson Fails To Live Up To The Culture Code

For a sales team to be successful, they need to be unified in their culture and clearly understand the company's expectations. When salespeople don't live up to the culture code, it can cause tension within the team and create conflict. Here's what can happen when salespeople don't live up to the culture code, along with how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

What Is A Good Sales Training Program?

A common thought about a good sales training program is that it can help you get up to date on trends, stay competitive, empower your team, and ultimately win more business. However, finding the right sales training program can be difficult. Here is what to look for when seeking the right sales training program for your team.

Company Conflict – Involve Others In The Problem

Conflict occurs at work and in your personal and professional life — it's inevitable. One company value Pivotal Advisors holds is "involve others in the problem" so that when there is conflict, it can be adequately resolved. Conflicts can lead to better ideas, understanding, and relationships. But many leaders don't feel the need to involve other people in the problem. Here is why you should.

What’s Your Succession Plan?

As a CEO, you know that succession planning is essential, but do you have a plan for when you retire or leave the company? Without a plan, your successor could be left scrambling to fill your shoes. Here are some tips on how to create a successful succession plan.

How To Manage An Understaffed Sales Team: Tips And Strategies

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your sales team? Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed and understaffed? Don't worry. You're not alone. Many businesses face the same challenge. But don't despair – there are things you can do to manage an understaffed sales team. Learn how to thrive despite a small sales team.

4 Reasons To Hire Salespeople With Empathy

It's nearly impossible to go one day without hearing or thinking about how challenging it is to hire in today's market. Additionally, hiring salespeople comes with its own set of complexities, one of which is determining the criteria for a specific role. You likely have heard many opinions of what makes a great salesperson. Here is why empathy should be on that list.

The Future Of Your Sales Process

Sales and marketing methods are evolving and changing rapidly. Many experts suggest that processes around both sales and marketing will change more over the next ten years than in the past 50 years. Here are some sales process changes you can expect to see soon.

The Growing Complexity of Sales Compensation

Deciding what your company's compensation plan should look like is an issue that every company struggles with at one time or another. It's often a fine line between paying enough […]

How To Make Mid-Year Plan Adjustments

Making mid-year adjustments to company plans helps many companies improve their tactics while remaining true to long-term objectives. So, how do you make these adjustments? By looking at the results. But keep in mind that looking at the results can give you only part of the story. If you want to make plan adjustments, you must look deeper, and here is why.

How Brand Consistency Can Increase Sales

Ensuring your team's communication with prospects and current clients is as tight and as compelling as possible is in your best interest. Maintaining brand consistency in messaging across the whole organization, as well as your sales team, is essential to conducting effective sales efforts. Here is how you can ensure consistent branding.

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