Sales people ... only respond well to those who have truly been there, done that, and have been successful. Pivotal Advisors is squarely in that category.

Bailey Nurseries is located in the southeastern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. They supply other nurseries as well as major wholesalers and retailers with trees, shrubs, vines, evergreens, rose plants, fruit trees, and perennials.

Bailey Nurseries’ relationship with Pivotal Advisors began in August 2009, when the vice president heard Mike Braun speak at an executive conference, and continues to this day.

Aligning Sales With Growth Strategy

“Pivotal Advisor’s message of aligning corporate strategy with a repeatable sales process really resonated with me," remarked the VP. “We started working together and initially focused on our strategic direction. We found their Sales Operating System™ made complete sense, and we started working on our growth strategy.”

“The timing was good, as our industry was struggling due to the drop in housing at the time. We simply had to change the way we approached the marketplace.”

Territory Plans

“With Pivotal Advisor’s help, we took a step back and reviewed our sales organization (a total of 30 inside and outside sales reps), as well as the market, and every territory. We learned that our reps were addressing their territories in their own way. We also noticed that we needed to pay closer attention to our “backyard” and “big box” retailers.”

“We re-defined sales roles and job descriptions, restructured our sales force, and created new positions, which we were able to fill with internal candidates. Our advisor also helped us apply best practices to our sales process, and we were off to the races.”

Gaining New Business

“Our new structure and way of selling allowed us to penetrate the big-box retail market and secure a number of significant “wins” in our home turf, and nationally. We believe this was due to Pivotal's detailed territory-by-territory approach.”

Changing The Sales Compensation Plan

“In the past, we were more concerned with year-over-year sales growth. Now, our reps need to accomplish specific goals and activities. Each rep creates a territory plan that is presented to our senior management team, which represents sales, marketing, finance, credit, and production. Everyone asks questions to make sure the plan is aligned with our strategies.  We’re now focused on each rep’s progress towards the plan.”

“Our reps check in with us several times each month to update us on opportunities, competition, and challenges. This allows us to make mid-course corrections instead of finding out what needs to be done when it is too late.”

A Relationship Bonus

“Another benefit to the relationship with Pivotal is the strategic assistance we received during our acquisition in early 2015. That was a bonus.”

Pivotal Passes The BS Test

“Pivotal presented half-day strategy sessions to our reps and always received high marks. Salespeople, in general, have sensitive BS meters and only respond well to those who have truly been there, done that, and have been successful. Pivotal Advisors is squarely in that category.”

The Bottom Line

“Without getting into specific numbers, I can say that our work with Pivotal Advisors got us on a sustainable track that has positioned us well to take advantage of the rebound in our market.”

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