Possibility Selling™ Training Series

Possibility Selling.

What is Possibility Selling™?

Equip your team with the methodology to sell authentically, effectively get in front of the right prospects and close business without relying on discounts or concessions.

The Possibility Selling™ Training Series is a 10-Session program that teaches each stage of the sales process, focusing on key business development activities, lead generation and sales planning that typical sales training does not cover.

What Sets Possibility Selling Apart

What makes Possibility Selling unique is its approach to introducing possibilities. Rather than just uncovering needs that the customer or prospect may identify, Possibility Selling helps the seller introduce new things that the customer may not have thought of that both add additional value to the customer and which can also differentiate your solution from the competition.

Unlike most sales training methodologies available on the market, Possibility Selling is different because it adds elements that most trainings do not such as:

     • Understanding your role
     • Sales planning
     • List building for your Ideal Clients
     • Best practices around networking
     • Social Selling

Many sales training options begin with what to do when you have an opportunity. Possibility Selling also dives into how you generate those opportunities.

Session Choices

The Possibility Selling series can be delivered in different ways:

Spaced Learning

This is a series of shorter training sessions each focusing on 1-2 key skills with time between sessions. Participants have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned between sessions. Practical experience relates to those new skills that are discussed and reinforced before moving to the next skill. The sessions also involve a Capstone project to tie all of the sessions together.

Single Session

It is not always convenient to have your entire sales team reconvene multiple times for training. So, Possibility Selling can be delivered in one multi-day event.


Companies may not need all the different modules included in the Possibility Selling series. You can work with your Pivotal Advisors to customize the curriculum for your team’s needs.

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