Possibility Selling™ Training Series

Possibility Selling.

Training Series

The Art of Selling What Is Possible – equip your team with the methodology to sell authentically, effectively get in front of the right prospects and close business without relying on discounts or concessions.

The Possibility Selling™ Training Series is a 10-Session program that teaches each stage of the sales process, focusing on key business development activities, lead generation and sales planning that typical sales training does not cover.

Providing practical tools and frameworks to have conversations with strangers, to effectively network, and a math path to achieving their goals. The Possibility Selling™ methodology gives your team the ways to communicate and engage with their prospects and clients at each stage in the process.

We use and reinforce your sales process, so the team can practice and hone their skills navigating from one stage to the next. Throughout the series your team will use their customer opportunities, so they are accomplishing the work they need to do while using best practices to implement.

Throughout the training series your team will be compiling their notes and reinforcement activities to build a Capstone that they will present at the end. This aids in the learning as they are listening with the goal of completing this Capstone. It also will serve as a playbook for them to refer to and for you to reinforce with them.

The Themes of the Sessions are as follows:

• Sales Roles and The Sales Process Overview
• Identify List Building and Pre-Qualify
• Triggers and Research to Get in the Door
• Social Selling
• Network Nuture Referral

• Problems You Solve and Stakeholder
• Effective Discovery
• Presenting and Providing Value
• Handling and Clearing Objections

Enhance your leadership skills and proactively build your legacy.

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