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Frustrated by the lack of results from your sales organization?


The Sales Operating System® is designed to empower leaders with the proven framework, tools, processes, knowledge, and professional development they need to scale their business.

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Based on where your organization is today and where you want to take it, the journey is personalized to your specific needs.


Pivotal Advisors’ Sales Operating System is a proven and effective way to align your sales team for success and improve results, leading to more sales, higher sales volume and more business.

Sales leaders often don’t have the proper framework set up to effectively lead and guide their teams to better results. Each salesperson has their individual strengths and weaknesses, but with an organizational structure built to empower sales leaders to work with their salespeople to improve their weaknesses and thrive on their strengths, the leaders can see sales increase and drive results for your organization.

Pivotal Advisors offers our Sales Operating System to businesses looking to scale their company. If you are looking to implement better strategies to increase sales and revenue, the Sales Operating System will bring additional structure to a sales team looking to drive better results. With an improved framework and processes, more knowledge and additional professional development for sales leaders, they can better push themselves forward and in turn push their sales representatives to be more effective in their roles.

It all starts with leadership and having the right tools to effectively lead a sales team. Our Sales Operating System helps sales leaders implement better strategies, processes and overall development to see your company soar.

Enhance your leadership skills and proactively build your legacy.

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