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Sales Performance Factors

There are seven components to building a healthy sales organization. Underperformance in any of the seven areas can lead to obstacles, conflict, unreliability, or even in-cohesive results within your sales team. Each factor builds on itself to create a connective approach to sales growth, which in turn makes your organization scalable, predictable, and profitable.

Growth Strategy

Is your company struggling to get to that next level of top-line growth? Have you tried many different things but still can’t get over the hump? Is your sales team straining to sell value and maintain margins?

Growth Strategy helps you with:

  • Identifying where your next level of growth will come from
  • Defining which set of prospects give you the best chance to win
  • Establishing true differentiation that sets you apart from your competitors
  • Determining the right size of structure for executing on company strategy


Does your company have a high turn-over rate? Are you struggling to find the right sales team? Looking to retain those “all-star players”?

People helps you with:

  • Identifying what specific skills you’re looking for when hiring salespeople
  • Determining if you have the right team in place to execute your strategy
  • Establishing a retention plan for keeping those “big sharks”
  • Assisting with getting new hires up to speed and productive quickly


Is someone on your team landing all the big fish while others on the team can’t even get a nibble? Have you been shadowing your team and noticing no one has the same approach? Does everyone on your team have a different selling process?

Process helps you with:

  • Leveraging best practices for finding, landing, and expanding new customers
  • Developing standardized tools
  • Increasing the productivity and wins of the sales team
  • Insuring salespeople have a definitive plan for how they will be winning their goals


How are you measuring your team’s success level? Do you have leading indicators that help you predict sales accurately? Are your systems accurate and providing you with useful data?

Measurement helps you with:

  • Defining key metrics for what qualifies as success
  • Establishing set expectations around activities
  • Tracking initiatives
  • Identifying specific areas where each team members need help


Is compensation your company’s main reward for driving sale success? Is your team being recognized for their value? Looking for other ways to reinforce the right behaviors?

Rewards & Recognition helps you with:

  • Driving behaviors through non-compensation levers
  • Aligning compensation plans with company strategy and goals
  • Implementing dependable performance management systems that get results


Is your sales leader reactive and jumping from deal to deal? Are you always putting out fires? How often are you meeting with your team to develop their skills or providing them coaching and feedback?

Execution helps you with:

  • Establishing a proactive and intentional system for managing the team
  • Defining how to make meetings more valuable to your team
  • Developing a course of action for communication throughout the organization
  • Driving accountability and understanding among your team


Would you like to build stronger relationships with key customers? Are you seeking better ways to develop your leadership skills? Want to know how to motivate an underperforming team member?

Leadership helps you with:

  • Setting goals for yourself and your team
  • Creating value for your organization
  • Strengthening your teams' alignment and collaboration
  • Implementing successful adoption for your sales team and organization


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