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Construction companies and contractors find their industry at a unique situation. Overall, materials are at their highest prices in years and labor is getting increasingly hard to find. With a pinched bottom line to do what you do best, finding the solutions to get more projects regularly and efficiently, as well as find the best material deals that are possible is paramount. The more business you have to do, the better your construction teams will perform, thanks to more work for employees looking for stable employment and continued use of high-priced materials and specialized construction equipment.

The housing industry, for example, finds itself in a housing shortage. A construction company is now facing down more competition to get high-dollar housing development projects and supplementing their businesses. Regardless of the example, if your company is large or small, the competitive field is not getting any smaller. Unless your sales teams are growing and improving, your construction company could be falling behind, which as a business owner or sales leader, you know is not an option. Driving results for your business and company is at the forefront of everything you do, so your construction sales team needs to be properly equipped and aligned to make those changes and drive sales.

To get more business, your sales team needs to be aligned on your goals and motivated to showcase your construction company the best they can. There's always a higher bar to hit, but sometimes teams can get stuck in a loop, keeping their productivity and growth static on a plateau. The only thing holding your construction company and sales team back is how to reach that higher point. Your sales team isn't going to improve just by a couple of quick emails or a memo to the team, it takes a lot of work to review people, processes and results from the top down to see what can be improved. Pivotal Advisors is ready to step up and use our experience helping teams find their obstacles and overcoming them to assist your sales team to the next level.

Pivotal Advisors has the tools for your construction sales team to take the next steps towards bigger numbers with personalized coaching and expertise to optimize your systems and people in a holistic manner. Our firm has the framework to help your business, and we can customize our levels of involvement to help your company in the most effective way possible, including our Sales Leadership Development program, Sales Advisory Program and Fractional Sales Management program. Each of our systems provide a different standard of involvement that can best utilize your existing systems and sales leaders to have a productive atmosphere of change and improve sales.

Our construction sales coaching experts also have a number of processes and systems that work with sales leadership and promote the basic, fundamental steps towards achieving your goals in a digestible, attainable format. Pivotal Advisors’ Sales Operating System helps plan and manage teams to achieve better results, and empowers leaders to make the decisions they need to have the most productive team possible. Our Leadership Model focuses on taking the pivotal moments in your construction organization to translate those to success points that positively impact your business in the long run. All of these processes start with our Sales Performance Factors that are integral to building a healthy sales organization, in the construction industry or not.

Is your construction company ready to take the next step for your sales team and improve revenue with more deals? Pivotal Advisors is ready to work with you to facilitate sales growth and transform your business into a more efficient, healthy organization. Contact our sales training experts now!

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