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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Minnesota

Pivotal Advisors is a sales management consulting firm based in Prior Lake, MN, dedicated to developing the best sales leaders and teams on the planet through our proven, holistic approach to sales growth. Our approach is based on behavioral science and our integrated system, Pivotal Advisor’s Sales Performance Factors. We believe that Sales Leaders are the catalyst for change within sales organizations. To grow and scale businesses, companies must invest in equipping their Sales Leaders to not only have strong selling skills, but also a strong ability to understand and implement the key processes and systems in a positive, encouraging, empowering, and accountable environment that enables every sales team member to perform.  

Pivotal Advisors is looking for a Sales Operations Advisor who embraces and has the ability to be a catalyst for change in a rapidly growing environment. This position plays an integral role in working directly with clients and our Sr. Sales Advisors providing support, practical tools, and information, critical for success.  This role is part of our competitive advantage as it helps us get “in the trenches” with our clients as a team.

The Sales Operations Advisor will support both our internal team and external customers in two key areas:

External (primary role)

  • Delivering a targeted number of “billable days/dollars” on projects using the company’s proprietary content and processes with an emphasis on Pivotal Advisor’s trademarked approach to sales management activities.  These activities include helping our clients with areas such as:
    • Sales Planning – helping create effective sales plan templates based on their business needs that inform and help drive the right activities to hit sales goals
    • Sales Process – working with clients to document the steps involved in their selling process (and their customers’ buyer journey) capturing best practices to ensure their customers have positive, consistent experiences that lead to increased closed rates
    • Measurements – making sure our clients are measuring what matters by building scorecards that create visibility into leading and lagging indicators that help drive successful sales.
    • Selection – guiding our clients in the development of processes and tools to help sales leadership make the best hiring decisions
    • Onboarding –  helping clients develop a plan for bringing new team members up to speed on the various things they need to know for their role on the sales team – including the specific assignments and validation of the learning, that cover things such as company knowledge, products, operations, industry, ideal clients, differentiators, processes and more
    • CRM – helping the client align their CRM with their sales process to use it as a helpful tool for sales team members and sales leadership
    • Compensation – using the tools, methodology, and resources at our disposal to help clients benchmark what to pay people on the sales team and developing compensation or incentive plans that drive company initiatives and salespeople behaviors  
  • Coordinating sales team training and sales leadership training to educate our client on Pivotal’s best practices. This may include utilizing off-the-shelf content as well as tailoring or customizing content to fit client needs, managing the logistics for in-person training, or “producing” virtual training workshops (organizing break-out rooms, monitoring chat, etc.)
  • Supporting Pivotal’s Sr. Sales Advisors in managing client projects by:
    • Coordinating meetings, setting up systems, helping develop project plans, and creating or proofreading proposals
    • Creating and customizing presentations and tools (ex. scorecards, project plans, compensation plans, training materials, job profiles, onboarding plans, and any other documentation) useful for client engagements
    • Being the “go-to” person for project management, content, and best practices for Pivotal’s Advisors and our clients

Internal (secondary role)

  • Leading or being an active participant in internal projects or initiatives to further develop our offerings and content, following Pivotal’s standards “centerlines” and making them available to our advisors and clients.
  • Supporting projects by:
    • Participating in internal project management meetings and advisor development meetings – how opportunities are progressing, tracking vs project plan, issue processing, listening, and brainstorming
    • Being the “Radar O’Reilly” for anticipating needs, supporting the internal team, meeting deadlines, and paying attention to all the little details
  • Sharing overall office management duties to keep the office running and everyone working at their peak (ex. office supplies, beverages, taking care of the mail, cleaning, reporting maintenance issues to the landlord, etc.)
  • Being a second set of eyes on all customer-facing documentation, meeting brand standards, and proofreading materials (making sure we are always looking good)
  • Onboarding New Sr. Advisors – educating on Pivotal’s point of view and best practices by meeting them where they are and helping in a way for how they learn best
  • Capturing billable hours in SalesForce.com and managing projects based on expectations for hours allotted for specific deliverables within the engagements – updating project status, dollars, and opportunities
  • Supporting all other initiatives and plans as necessary


We are looking for a dedicated key player who is a self-prescribed “learner,” has a passion for sales, and has an interest in growing with our organization. The ideal candidate must have:

  • Five or more years of solid experience in sales operations, sales enablement, or related field
  • Experience in multiple companies in:
    • Utilizing (at a “superuser” level) with CRM systems, reporting, and implementation
    • Developing and creating insights from scorecards, sales reporting, and analysis
    • Implementing new processes and tools that the sales team needs to use and/or follow
    • Creating and/or implementing selection and onboarding processes
    • Designing various incentive compensation plans and/or being involved in calculating and analyzing sales commissions and bonuses
  • Familiarity with modern sales methodologies, sales processes, and buyer's journey alignment
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred


In addition to the experiences listed above, we are looking for a targeted set of skills including:

  • Ability to collaborate with many different teams and personalities (internal & external)
    • Able to lead and work with sales leaders and executives
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills with active listening
    • Effective writer and proofreader
  • Ability to provide quality output with close “attention to detail”
  • Manages multiple projects effectively
    • Understanding and utilization of basic project management and process improvement methodologies
  • Strong computer skills – specifically, advanced knowledge of:
    • Excel for building models, pivot tables, charts, graphs, building workbooks, uploading and downloading data from other systems, etc.
    • Word for creating documents and materials with section breaks, headers, footers, and table of contents
    • PowerPoint for creating presentations and trainings, utilizing slide masters, and ability to adapt to branding standards
    • CRM (“superuser” would be preferred, especially experience with multiple platforms)
  • Business acumen for companies (understanding how business works) and sales (understanding how sales works)
    • Strong analytical, quantitative, and technical skills
    • Experience with collaboration and sales enablement platforms


Our Core Values are the guiding principles we want to exhibit with our clients and with each other:

  • Meet and respect the client where they are
  • Do no harm
  • Do what you would do if it were your job/business
  • Use the Pivotal team (you don’t need to know/do everything yourself)
  • Never throw a client or teammate under the bus
  • Always measure our progress (behavior, leading, lagging)
  • Involve people in the problem
  • Leave them with possibility “shining eyes”

The compensation package includes base salary, bonuses, medical and dental health benefits, a retirement benefit plan, and more.  Pivotal Advisors is a business casual, a fast-growing small company looking for top talent to grow with us!

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