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This page was designed just for you to give you an idea of who Pivotal Advisors is as a company and how we might be able to help your clients as they try to ascend to the top of the mountain.

Point of Contact:

Gary Braun
Co-Founder and Partner

Problems We Solve

  • Company revenue growth has flattened or they are not growing as fast as they would like
  • Revenue is too dependent on 1-2 rock star salespeople while the rest of the team underperforms
  • Visionary or 2IC is not sure they have the right sales leaders
  • The executive team is not confident in the forecast or the sales leader’s plans
  • The company has experienced high turnover with salespeople and/or sales team
  • CEO/Visionary is acting as the sales leader – not good at it, doesn’t want to do it, doesn’t have time for it
  • Sales are way too dependent on ownership to drive revenue
  • The team is not pursuing new business, but relying way too much on existing clients
  • The company has tried things like sales training, hiring/firing different salespeople and/or leader, and modifying compensation, but are getting no sustainable results

How We Help

Main Sales operating system 
We work with our clients to build a Sales Operating System® that allows them to achieve more predictable, profitable and consistent sales growth. We do that in one of three ways:

Fractional Sales Management

We insert one of our seasoned Sr. Advisors into the role of an outsourced VP of Sales. Our advisor takes an active role in managing the team, driving accountability and coaching the sales people all while implementing repeatable systems, process and structure and reporting up to the 2IC.
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We help execute and implement

We teach and help
you execute

Sales Advisory Program

In this highly customized approach, we work with the existing sales leader of a company to help them implement their own Sales Operating System to drive growth and work with them to develop their own sales leadership skills.
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Pivotal Peak Alliance

We have developed a community of sales leaders that want to get better at their role by leveraging their peers. These mastermind groups meet on a monthly basis where we discuss best practices for all kinds of sales management responsibilities such as planning, coaching, forecasting, hiring/onboarding, etc. Each member gets a coach who checks in with members each month to see how they are applying the concepts learned in the monthly meetings.
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You Learn And Execute

Empower Your SalesPeople

Possibility Selling™

This is our training methodology which goes beyond most traditional training. While most sales training programs begin by assuming you have uncovered an opportunity, Possibility Selling also includes how to identify prospects, how to leverage networks to generate referrals, how to get in the door and how to separate your solutions from the competition by introducing possibilities that the client may not have thought of yet.
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Pivotal was founded in 2008 and has worked with nearly 400 clients since then. Our team of approximately 20 people each has decades of experience in selling and leading sales organizations. The vast majority of our clients come from the B2B world, but have various different go-to-market strategies including direct sales, channel sales such as resellers/distributors/VARs, independent or manufacturer reps and more.


Pivotal Advisors has several resources, guides and videos available for your clients on topics such as hiring, onboarding, effective 1 on 1s, sales planning, sales compensation and more. Feel free to share any of the following:

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