Ask Questions to Uncover Opportunity - Gary Braun

October 4, 2023Connection Builders 

The word “sales” often leaves a sour taste in people’s mouths. But sales is different than most people think, as today’s guest explains. Gary Braun, the Co-Founder of Pivotal Advisors, shares why it’s all about asking the right questions. Gary takes us on the journey of how he and his brother launched Pivotal Advisors and the lessons they have learned over the last 10+ years. We debunk negative connotations associated with “sales” and discuss why asking the right questions can build trust and lead to opportunities. Gary shares what it means to shortcut the discovery process, how to have a great pitch when you have little time, the positives of having repetitive systems, and why the fear of change is holding most sales professionals back. Gary also shares insights on creating accountability, the importance of reinforcement, and continual evolution.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The journey that led to Gary and his brother starting Pivotal Advisors.
  • Debunking the negative connotations associated with being a person in sales. 
  • Why solving problems is the core of sales.
  • How asking the right questions uncovers opportunities. 
  • How asking the right questions can help build trust.
  • The right way to approach sales, and some wrong ones. 
  • Earning respect: what it means to shortcut the discovery process. 
  • How to stick to a quality sales pitch when time is limited. 
  • Why you shouldn’t chase every sale and how to identify hot leads. 
  • Narrowing your focus to help you grow. 
  • How repetitive systems can help you scale. 
  • Why the fear of changing behavior and mindset is the biggest thing holding sales professionals back.
  • How to deal with accountability in sales: positive and constructive reinforcement.
  • Why change is necessary for evolution and the importance of developing soft skills. 

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