Be Where Your Customers Do Business

November 6, 2023Outbound 

In this episode, Joseph Lewin interviews Matt Hall about finding and engaging with relevant ecosystems, asking current customers about their ecosystems, and slowly building relationships in those ecosystems over time.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Finding ecosystems where your ideal clients do business and becoming part of them by understanding different players, pain points, and needs (01:01)
  • Example of manufacturer ecosystem with channel partners and how Matt interjected himself into it (01:31)
  • Using current trusted customers as a starting point to ask about their ecosystems (14:00)
  • Getting into complex ecosystems like engineering standards groups through learning and adding value where you can (12:18)
  • being patient because ecosystems and relationships take time to build (08:16)

Key Quotes:

"Find an ecosystem where your ideal client is doing business. I'm not saying just they live there, they hang out there like, no, this is the business world that they're in. Find that ecosystem and become part of it." (Matt Hall, 01:04)

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