Sales Advisory Program

Do you need a way of managing your sales organization that is customized to your company’s needs? Pivotal Advisors works 1-on-1 with your sales leader to implement solutions based on the nuances of your company, team, and industry. This program is customized to fit the needs of you and your company. A Pivotal Sr. Advisor will work with you to assess the areas in your organization that you want to strengthen. Aspects we work on include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing your Sales Operating System®
  • Identifying ideal clients that allow for the best chance of winning
  • Differentiating your solutions from the competition
  • Implementing structured hiring and onboarding systems that increase your success rate with new hires
  • Creating individual and team sales plans that provide direction to the team
  • Developing a defined, consistent and repeatable sales process made up of your team’s best practices
  • Designing customized sales tools that reinforce the sales process
  • Refining sales metrics and goals, then determining which can be used to spot coaching opportunities
  • Implementing performance management best practices to increase accountability
  • Revising compensation plans that align with company strategy
  • Improving coaching and communication skills
  • Implementing a Sales Management System to drive a cadence for consistent communication
  • Driving accurate forecasts and pipelines
At Pivotal Advisors, we are experts in sales training and sales leadership in industries such as banking, construction, consulting, engineering, IT, manufacturing and more. We help you establish clear goals, expectations, and identify metrics to track progress in connection with leadership and salespeople behaviors, activities, as well as results:

Sales Leaders

  • Sales Operating System®
  • Sales Management System
  • Coaching skills
  • Baseline metrics
  • Delegation
  • Time management
  • Awareness
  • Accountability
  • Communication

Sales People

  • Increased activities
  • Increased opportunities
  • Accountability
  • Intentional plans
  • Process adoption


  • Deal/revenue
  • Visibility
  • Accountability
  • Confidence
  • Clarity

The Process



Your Sr. Advisor will gain an understanding of how your sales organization is operating today, what is working well, and areas that have an opportunity for improvement. This data is compiled through:

  • Reviewing documents that can provide additional insight into your organization such as strategy, process, job descriptions comp plans, sales reports, sales tools, etc.
  • Interviewing your sales leader(s), executives/CEO, salespeople, and sales support to understand how things work in your organization today
  • Identifying positive and negative consequence systems that drive behavior
  • Presenting our findings and recommendations, which helps your executive team align and prioritize our work with the sales leader


Growth Roadmap

Based on the assessment, your Pivotal Sr. Advisor will meet with the sales leader and the CEO/Owner to align on goals and areas to address. This will be captured in a growth roadmap with a timeline that will be used to manage the engagement and track progress.


Plan Execution

Recommended weekly sessions where Pivotal Advisors helps your sales leaders implement vital changes to the organization to drive activity and results. Your Sr. Advisor will work with the sales leader to:

  • Develop the proven systems and processes that drive activity and sales
  • Plan and implement key changes to the sales organization
  • Track effectiveness of changes
  • Communicate progress to management
  • Manage change and resistance
  • Communicate progress to management



By implementing the components outlined above, at the end of the engagement, your sales leaders will drive their sales system which will:

  • Improve activity, close rates and/or deal size, leading to increased revenue
  • Leverage repeatable processes and systems which makes the entire team more effective and less reliant on a few superstars
  • Increase pipelines
  • Result in more accurate forecasts
  • Improve sales skills and capabilities
  • Leverage metrics to better understand what is happening in sales
  • Improve communication between sales and other departments
  • Develop leadership skills of the person leading your sales organization

Enhance your leadership skills and proactively build your legacy.

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