Fractional Sales Management

Do you have an open sales leader position, or are you a CEO who doesn’t have enough hours in the day to manage sales? Are you looking to outsource your sales leadership and implement proven sales management systems and processes at the same time?

Pivotal Advisors’ Fractional Sales Manager is dedicated to your company and sales staff. Our Senior Advisors are all experienced at building and developing sales teams across a range of industries. They will jump on board to put in place the seamless steps to get you where you want to be. Your Senior Advisor will help you:

  • Design, implement and reinforce the sales process
  • Set weekly direction
  • Drive accountability
  • Develop skills of salespeople
  • Provide more accurate and reliable forecasts
  • Hire/train new salespeople (as applicable)
  • Hire and transition a permanent sales leader


We’ll assist you in establishing a sales operating system in order to conduct group and one-on-one meetings with your sales team. We will manage performance by holding your salespeople accountable to their activity goals and results, and coaching them where needed.


Coaching your sales team includes:

  • Ensuring salespeople have a plan and are focused on the right opportunities
  • Providing coaching and training to develop your team’s sales skills and a defined sales process specific to your company
  • Strategizing with your salespeople on account planning and opportunities


Make recommendations to senior leadership regarding sales team staffing including:

  • Hiring/termination decisions
  • Changing your team’s structure
  • Onboarding of new salespeople
  • Permanent sales leader selection and transitioning assistance


Providing senior leadership with updates regarding:

  • Sales pipeline and forecasts
  • Sales team performance
  • Insights, successes and/or issues from each week
  • Weekly phone calls or meetings with other department heads as needed


At the end of your engagement, you will have worked towards achieving:

  • Increased activity, close rates, and deal sizes which lead to increased revenue
  • More accurate forecasting and a better view of what is happening in sales
  • A designed sales management system with process, metrics, and accountability
  • Effective transition to the new, permanent sales leader

What is Fractional Sales Management?

Fractional Sales Management has become an increasingly popular solution for busy CEOs and growing companies looking to take the next step sensibly. If your business is ready to scale up and move to a new chapter of growth for your company, sales management is required to work with your salespeople or sales team to push for new business and grow. CEOs can often find themselves in one of three scenarios:

  1. There’s no time to engage in the sales leader role effectively on top of other duties.
  2. The CEO doesn’t want to add this to their responsibilities.
  3. They are, admittedly, not the right person for the functional aspect of the role.

Even though your business is ready to take this critical step, you might not be in a position to hire a new sales leader, executive-level or other management-level position within your company full-time. Fractional Sales Management is a great ‘stepping-stone’ before your team is required to bring on a full-time sales leader. Sales leaders are critical to any size of sales team to drive accountability and keep the focus on developing the team to continually set and reach higher goals. Committing to a sales manager would be risky without some proof of concept, and Pivotal Advisors understands that sentiment and has implemented our custom fractional sales management process for numerous companies over the years.

Pivotal Advisors’ Fractional Sales Management provides companies opportunities to have a dedicated sales manager involved and entrenched in their business, but not as a full-time employee. They take the work to develop sales processes and implement them so your existing business leadership can continue to do what they do best and provide the exceptional service your company is known for. In addition to our traditional sales leader abilities, we will work with your company to identify and hire the right person to take on the role full-time when the time comes. With the increasingly popularity of hybrid workplaces and remote work, our Senior Advisors are able to work on a fractional basis and seamlessly integrate with your company to push it forward to reach your goals.

Enhance your leadership skills and proactively build your legacy.

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