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Can you rephrase the following article into 250 words, writing at a 9th grade reading level? Welcome to Pivotal Advisors, your go-to partner for boosting your sales team's performance in Minnesota!

At Pivotal Advisors, we understand the challenges you face in reaching your new sales goals. That's why we're here, to give you proven strategies that can unlock your sales team's full potential.

Your Sales Leader

Your sales leader is very important for your team. A good sales leader is not just good at selling. They also need to work well with others, make smart choices, and fix problems. A good sales leader can make your team happier, keep your best people, and make more money.

Picking the Right Sales Leader

You need to pick the right sales leader for your team. A bad leader can make people quit, which costs you a lot. We can help you find a sales leader who has the skills you need, like hiring, talking, solving conflicts, and more.

Making Good Sales Processes and Systems

You need to have a clear and organized way of selling. We can help you make a sales process that fits your needs. It will have clear goals, steps, tools, and checks. Your sales team can follow this process and grow better.

Your Role as a Leader

You also have a big role in your team's success. We can show you how to help your sales leader, like having regular meetings and making your team better. You need to have the same goals and talk often. This will make your team stronger.

Helping the Sales Process

You need to improve your sales process too. We can give you the tools to show why it's important, what you expect, and what your sales leader needs. We can help your sales leader start and track the new process.

At Pivotal Advisors, we think you can make your sales team better with three keys: the right sales leader, good processes, and your support. You can do it. Call us today to start making your team in Minneapolis amazing!

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