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Eva is a Sales Operations Advisor at Pivotal Advisors. She has a great passion for learning, training, and helping others to become successful, making this the ideal role for her. She is perceptive, can anticipate clients’ needs, and keeps projects running smoothly. Her areas of strength include but aren’t limited to sales operations, facilitation, change management, sales processes optimization, development tools, and project management, which help sales organizations grow in very healthy ways.

Eva has nearly two decades of experience working in growing sales organizations from various industries. She supports Pivotal consultants and clients by providing experiences in sales planning, CRM development, compensation, incentives, territory alignment, forecasting, process improvement projects, and sales analytics. 

Previous Experience 

Previously, Eva has served as a department manager throughout the organizations she worked in, providing a steady resource to help facilitate change throughout those departments. 

Eva has managed various departments, including inside sales, project management, drafting, and engineering. In addition, she has also been a salesperson and territory manager. In all her roles, she has strived to help improve efficiencies by developing processes, creating metrics, and implementing strategies for end users.

Eva has provided support and assistance to all aspects of sales organizations and was often the liaison between sales and other departments within the companies in various industries, including manufacturing, technology, materials suppliers, and construction.


  • Project Management from ND State College of Science
  • Process Implementor
  • Sales Leader
  • Department Leader


Eva and her husband love to travel. They like to spend time with their two dogs hiking and enjoying the outdoors. She also loves to cook and come up with new recipes. In addition, Eva enjoys reading, drawing, and listening to music during her downtime.

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