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About Steve

Steve is a Pivotal Advisors Owner/Partner. He draws from various platforms of business encounters, leadership experiences, and intense competition. Leadership has been at the forefront of his career for over 20 years. Steve is dedicated to improving processes, inspiring people, and driving results with his unique, customized approaches.

His work includes helping sales leaders guide their sales teams to repeatable success. He helps them focus on differentiators, implement consistent procedures, and highlight and drive suitable activities that lead to healthy sales.

Steve has worked for mid to large-sized companies spanning a wide range of industries, including but not limited to technology, manufacturing, distributors, security, and many others.

Previous Experience

Steve has worked in a variety of different businesses and selling platforms. He has been a Vice President of Sales for several companies in Minnesota, leading teams of 6 – 120 people at various times.

His experiences range from complex selling situations with multiple decision-makers to pure one-time transactional sales. His consulting experience has resulted in many successful facilitations and implementations that have led to incredible results.

Steve has done a lot, from owning his own Web design training company to being the Liaison Chief in the US Marines and being recognized as the "99 Marine of the Year." However, one of Steve's most meaningful moments in life was when he read "Season of Life" by Jeffrey Marx. The book begged the question, "Are you a transactional or transformational person?" Steve realized then that his mission in life was to help others. Shortly after, he developed his life's motto and a lens to help others: Get FIT: Fully Engaged; Inspire Learning and Change; and Transfer Real Results.


  • Marine Corps Leadership Schools
  • The Sales Board – Master Certified Sales Trainer - Action Selling
  • Achieve Global, MHI - Professional Selling Skills
  • Crisis Conflict Resolution Certified Coach
  • Charter Commission Member for the City of Plymouth
  • Wayzata Youth Wrestling – President of Board and Coach

Guest Speaker:

  • Sales Leaders Roundtable
  • Trust Vets
  • Marine Corp Events
  • Wayzata Schools
  • Rotary Clubs


Having four children keeps Steve and his wife very busy. You can find both coaching several of their kids' sports, from wrestling to football to dance. According to Steve's eldest daughter, she's no longer impressed with Steve's dance moves and prefers her mother's dance teachings instead. However, if you can't find Steve and his family on a field or at a studio, chances are they are traveling together, telling jokes (often dad jokes), exaggerating old stories, or having a family game night. When Steve can find a moment of quiet, he is most likely seeking something new to learn.

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