Executive Masterclass: Go from a Trial-And-Error Approach to Sustainable Revenue Growth

Achieving consistent, sustainable revenue growth is likely to be a fundamental goal for your business. However, you're also probably questioning what areas of your company you should invest in, right?

You've probably tried various short-lived ways to jumpstart your growth. For instance, within sales, you may have tried replacing key people, team training, or new technology. This sort of "quick fix" is often referred to as the trial-and-error approach.

You may have tried AdWords, email marketing campaigns, SEO, or website improvements within marketing. Jennifer Zick, CEO of Authentic Brand, calls that approach "random acts of marketing." As a result, you are not being the most efficient with your marketing dollars, and instead, you are wasting money, time, and resources.

Whether you are tinkering with sales or marketing, if you don't see results right away, you may abandon that idea and try something new - never sure what will give you the best bang for your buck. This is because you have no master plan for how to grow, and your sales and marketing are not aligned.

A sales and marketing alignment strategy should be built around shared goals - a unified metric. If marketing is outsourced, there's even more reason to nail this alignment strategy.

Ultimately that means the marketing and sales teams would move as one. They would be able to seamlessly share data and insights, coordinate every activity, and measure what matters so that every action is tied to Sales success.

Join Gary Braun, Co-Founder of Pivotal Advisors, and Jennifer Zick, CEO of Authentic Brand, on Friday, May 13th, at 9 Am CST for this 2-hour session!

In the session, we will discuss developing an overall intentional sales and marketing plan (vs. random) and discuss how to leverage key metrics to make better-informed decisions and track progress.

Participants will walk away with:

Awareness of pitfalls that many companies make in sales and marketing activities
Understanding of Key Metrics that every company should watch when it comes to revenue generation
Knowing how to identify where your business is leaking money
Learning how to analyze those key metrics to optimize your investments
Knowing which vital systems need to be in place for optimizing sales and marketing

About Gary Braun

Gary is a founder and co-owner of Pivotal Advisors. He has worked for 20+ years as a salesperson and sales leader. Gary has been a guest speaker for many groups such as Vistage, Allied Executives, CEO Roundtable, Sales Management Association, and more. If you want to find out more about Gary check out his profile here.

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