Pivotal Peak Alliance

Do you want to become one of the top sales leaders on the planet? Join our community where you will learn best practices, have access to the customizable tools, and work with an experienced coach to help you implement the things that will make your team more productive.

This company membership is designed for sales leaders who want to connect, learn, apply, evolve, apply best practices, and improve their own capabilities. We’re here to help you all connect and STAY connected. Your membership includes:

- Access to all the tools a sales leader would need ex. job profiles, sales plans, compensation plans, interview guides, and more
- New ways to approach sales growth
Interactive learning courses – designed just for sales leaders
- A Pivotal Coach to answer questions and give guidance on how to implement best practices
- Peer group meetings where you can learn from other’s experiences

About Gary Braun

Gary is a founder and co-owner of Pivotal Advisors. He has worked for 20+ years as a salesperson and sales leader. Gary has been a guest speaker for many groups such as Vistage, Allied Executives, CEO Roundtable, Sales Management Association, and more. If you want to find out more about Gary check out his profile here.

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