Questions your Sales Leader Wants to Ask but Won't

For some sales leaders approaching you, the CEO, can be nerve-wracking. They may think some questions are better left unsaid, either because they “should” know the answer but don’t, or because they are nervous about how you’ll react, or they may think it’s a dumb question.

However, to build a strong company culture, you should have an environment of open communication and trust. After all, you want your employees to feel you are approachable, right? That they can trust you?

Below are seven questions your sales leader wants to ask but won’t.

About Gary Braun

Gary is a founder and co-owner of Pivotal Advisors. He has worked for 20+ years as a salesperson and sales leader. Gary has been a guest speaker for many groups such as Vistage, Allied Executives, CEO Roundtable, Sales Management Association, and more. If you want to find out more about Gary check out his profile here.

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